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About CCM
Energy conservation is the most logical first step towards reducing your energy consumption and therefore your energy costs. With a plan, and the right tools, you can intelligently reduce your consumption without affecting your lifestyle. Together, we can lower energy costs, reduce pollution, and mitigate the need for increased power production facilities.

With the drastic changes in our energy market, there is now a greater emphasis on conservation and consumer...
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peaksaver PLUS®
The peaksaver PLUS® program has been designed to help you play a part in reducing the demands on the electricity system in your community. During peak electricity demand times, typically on hot summer days, a signal will be sent to reduce the electricity demand of your central air conditioning system, which in turn helps to reduce the amount of electricity needed by the Province. Most customers don't notice the difference and the event would only take place on a business day for up to a maximum of four hours at one time...
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peaksaver PLUS® is a Registered Mark of Toronto Hydro Corporation. Used under licence.
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